Vegetable salad with sausage

Vegetable salad with sausage

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Rinse the vegetables well;

Beat the 3 eggs with a fork together with the grated cheese;

Add the sausage, salami and polish, from which I took off the skin;

Add a little oil to a pan; When the oil is hot, add the omelette and stir continuously until it is ready;

We put the omelet in a bowl;

We cut the tomato, cucumber and pepper into slices;

Add over the omelette and mix;

Season with salt and pepper;

Good appetite!


Mixed Tray 1 (6 pers.) 130 lei Cheese, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, chicken croquettes, chicken minisnitzel, cheese croquettes, sausages in puff pastry, en bouche with fine creams, en bouche with guacamole and smoked fish cream, chicken roll with barot de susan

Mixed Plateau 2 (6 pers) 130 lei Cordon bleau, cream cheese sofa, chicken roll, cheese croquettes, bacon liver, sausages, dried raw salami, cherry, heart cheese, smoked moss, pressed ham, cheese

Tapas platter (6 pers) 130 lei

Plate fingers 2 (6 pers) 150 lei Chicken mini, pork mini, sesame meatballs, cherry tomatoes, chicken croquettes, cheese croquettes, stuffed mushrooms, cheese heart.

Beer plate (5 pers) 130 lei

Miniart plate 2 (5 pers) 130 lei Cup with chicken salad (chicken breast, walnut, celery, apple, pomegranate), cup with basmati rice and seafood cocktail with guacamole, grilled tuna cup and cuckoo with guacamole and cherry tomatoes.

Platou Bela Italia (5 pers) 130 lei

Bruschetta with zucchini and parmesan, endive with cream cheese and pepper, bruschetta caprese, bruschetta with fine creams and smoked salmon, stiks with prosciutto, orange and stuffed olive, cup with caviar and salmon caviar, cup with mussels bread in lime sauce , fig with jumbo shrimp, caprese bruschetta

Cold snack plate (5 pers) 130 lei En bouche with chicken salad, heart of cheese, pitted black olives, en bouche with pork, turkey sesame meatballs, Sibiu salami, cheese flowers, cherry tomatoes, stuffed green olives, chicken roll.

Peasant cold plate (5 pers) 130 lei

Cold plate (5 pers) 130 lei

Sibiu salami with cheese, Sisi pressed ham, homemade smoked mussels, en bouche with fine cream, stuffed green olives, cheese, heart of cheese, cherry tomatoes.

Traditional platter (6 pers) 130 lei

Ghiudem, babic, peasant ham, pressed ham, raw house-smoked moss, cheese cubes, sheep's cheese, mice, boiled quail eggs, mushroom zacusca, eggplant salad, stuffed green olives, cherry tomatoes.

Combined plate 1 (6 pers) 140 lei

Chicken fingers, peasant roll, smoked sausages, chicken meatballs, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, Sisi pressed ham, cheese, homemade smoked mussels, stuffed green olives,

Combined plate 2 (6 pers) 130lei Raw-dried sausage, chicken roll, cordon bleau, smoked sausages, cheese, cosmănesc roll, cherry tomato, cheese heart, fancy meatballs, cheese, cup of homemade pathe, cup of homemade caviar.

Peasant plateau 2 (10 pers) 160 lei

Pressed ham roll with boeuff salad, mice, cup with zacusca, cup with sauerkraut salad, drumstick, caltaboş, smoked homemade sausages, smoked homemade mussels, sheep cheese, homemade smoked ham, red onion

Pan with hammers (8 pers) 140 lei

Skewer plate (5 pers) 150 lei

Hot plate 1 (6 pers) 150 lei

Turkey plate (5 pers) 150 lei

Chicken and pork platter 1 (5 pers) 140 lei

Chicken breast in parmesan, pork chop in butter, baked potatoes, Lolo salad

Milk pig platter (12 Kg) 700 lei Milk piglet, mititei, baked potatoes

Plate with veal muscle (5 pers) 160 lei

Beef tenderloin wrapped in bacon, lemon, parmesan and butter, sauteed vegetables (mushrooms, red, yellow and green California peppers, new potatoes), lemon dressing, yogurt and cucumber.

Chicken and pork platter 2 (5 pers) 160 lei

Grilled boneless chicken leg, grilled pork neck, baked potatoes, baked cherry tomatoes, baked Kapia peppers

Cutlet platter (6 pers) 130 lei

Steak plate 1 (5 pers) 160 lei

Steak plate 2 (5 pers) 130 lei

Steak plate 3 (5 pers) 160 lei

Steak plate 4 (5 pers) 160 lei

Steak platter 5 (5 pers) 160 lei

Salmon platter (5 pers) 110 lei

Silver plate fish platter (5 pers) 130 lei Baked silver cod with pesto, ripe tomatoes, new potatoes, sauteed vegetables, lime sauce.

Fish platter (6 pers) 160 lei Butter fish, lime sauce, ripe cherry tomatoes, vegetables on the plate with lime sauce, new potatoes.

Seafood platter (5 pers) 160 lei Jumbo shrimp, guacamole cup, noble cheeses, walnuts, cherry tomatoes, grapes

Seafood platter 2,650 lei 60 jumbo shrimp in limes sauce, marinarra sauce, focaccia.

Fruit plate 1 (10pers) 110 lei

Pineapple, peach, apple, kiwi, orange, grappe fruit.

Fruit plate 2 (10 pers) 110 lei

Pineapple, peach, apple, kiwi, orange, grappe fruit.

Fruit plate 3 (10 pers) 110 lei

Plate with pumpkin pie and apple 800g 40 lei

Post plate 2 (6 pers) 130 lei

Fasting cheese croquettes, breaded vegetables (red California peppers, zucchini, mushrooms), fasting cheese cubes, cherry tomatoes, stuffed green olives, lemon sauce with olive oil.

Peasant salad in focaccia bowl (4 pers) 50 lei

Cup baked in the oven, grilled chicken leg, peasant ham in the pan, tomatoes, cucumbers, tzatziky.

Do not be afraid of certain signs that appear after the consumption of beetroot. In 15% of people who consume beets, the urine turns red, which does not show any intoxication or any disease, but only a partial inability of the body to assimilate certain nutrients from beets. This is called drunkenness.

Excessive consumption of beetroot juice (over 400 ml) can cause temporary paralysis of the vocal cords. At high doses of beetroot juice consumed simply, without carrot juice, nausea may occur due to too sudden purification of the liver and bile. It is better to mix beet juice with carrot juice, and the proportion of beet juice to increase gradually (patients who know they have liver or bile problems start with just a tablespoon of beet juice and increase the dose gradually).

Assorted vegetable salad in a jar (for winter)!

A very tasty and vitamin salad for the winter. Enjoy the wonderful taste of vegetables even in the cold period of the year!


-30 black peppercorns

-500 ml of oil or to taste


1.Cut the cabbage, the cucumbers - half slices, the bell pepper - short straw, the hot pepper with seeds - half the slices, pass the carrot through the large grater.

2.Put all the vegetables in a bowl, then add black pepper, bay leaves, salt, sugar, oil (we only used 200 ml) and vinegar.

3. Mix all the ingredients very well and leave the salad for 3 hours.

4. Meanwhile, wash the jars and boil the lids.

5. Divide the salad into jars, cover them with lids, place them in a saucepan with a towel at the base and sterilize them for 20 minutes (1l jars), after the water boils.

6. Thread them and store them in the closet.

The preserve is colorful, and the salad is crispy and keeps very well at room temperature. You can add vegetables to soups and stews. If you have opened the jar and the whole salad has not been eaten, you can freeze it and use it later, when you need it.

Vegetable salad with sausage - Recipes

Because many of you have asked me for the detox diet menu, I left the concept of the Ebook for another topic. The 10 days of detoxification passed faster than I imagined, and things didn't go as badly as I expected. Indeed, the drastic reduction in the amount of food, the lack of caffeine in the first two days (which I solved with green tea), and the cooked appetite, given that I cooked almost every day for my friend, were the biggest obstacles in the early days. After 4-5 days the size of the stomach has already moved and I no longer felt the need for much food, but the appetite remained cooked.

Leaving aside the mental cravings, the physical sensation of the detox diet is absolutely wonderful after the first 3-4 days, how long it took the body to get used to the new diet:

& # 8211 I lost 3 kilograms, not very visible in a certain area, but with the partial disappearance of fat from the belly, and with a general appearance and feeling of & # 8220weaker & # 8221

& # 8211 The skin of the face has regained its suppleness, the face is brighter and the cheeks blush slightly

& # 8211 I also tried an extreme method of detox, by deep detoxifying the colon every morning due to the consumption every night of a cup of Sveltaflor de la Fares tea or a detox tea, both based on senna leaves, and the sensation it was wonderful

& # 8211 the general tone became very good and I felt energized enough to start running again (in my snail rhythm, with a minute of running and two of brisk walking, repeated for half an hour)

Continuing the diet was natural & # 8211 I don't feel the need for much food anymore, and I eat salad whenever I have the opportunity, only now I add something boiled (lentils, quinoa), I continued running, I don't eat sweets, I drink a lot water & # 8211 means I have a perfectly normal diet, without excesses.

You will find in my menu that parsley occupies a leading place, but this is the basic ingredient in my winter diet, and I love the combination with parsley, avocado, pomegranate, various germs and many, many lemons, which I eat whenever I have the opportunity, even if I repeat it several days in a row. Of course, the menu can be varied, you can include other vegetables and fruits, you can also introduce a light lunch, this is the option that suited me and my lifestyle.


* include daily consumption of 2 liters of water and green tea, and whenever you have the opportunity, a glass of homemade borscht for vitamin B12

* sleep as much as possible to give the body time to recover

* eliminate coffee and cigarettes throughout the detoxification period

* do not have dinner after 6 p.m.

*choose the most colorful ingredients for each meal, to ensure the most varied and valuable nutrients & # 8211 beets, pomegranate, avocado, banana, carrot

* do a little exercise in the park whenever you have the opportunity (it may be a short walk, but be aware & # 8211 try to breathe deeply and receive your lungs with fresh air

* VERY IMPORTANT & # 8211 stay away from negative thoughts, try to have control over your mind, think positively and focus on the present & # 8211 you will see that it is not so hard, that you will succeed more and more often , and most importantly & # 8211 that you will like

Parsley salad, raw sunflower seeds, goji, diced avocado and lots of lemon

Cabbage and fennel salad with dried cranberries

Symptoms: mild headache, deep and long sleep & # 8211 10 hours

Celery juice, carrot, beet and grapefruit

In the evening: Spinach salad, lettuce, walnuts, apple, with lemon dressing and olive oil

Symptoms: deep headache, irritation of the skin on the face, drowsiness, strong thirst

Avocado salad with pomegranate, wheat germ and hemp seeds

In the evening: Red cabbage, pomegranate, fennel and rye germ salad

Symptoms: irritated skin, bad mood

Beet juice and grapefruit

Raw pudding made of chia seeds, mashed banana and carob powder (carob)

Carrot, avocado, fennel, orange salad, sprinkled with lemon and olive oil

Day 5 & # 8211 Day of juices

Throughout the day I drank only freshly squeezed juices & # 8211 beets, celery, apple, orange, as well as green tea and water.

Beet juice, celery, lemon

Fruit salad (banana, mango, pomegranate) sprinkled with lemon and sprinkled with chia seeds

Raw hummus from chickpea germ (ingredients: chickpea germ, olive oil, tahini paste & # 8211 raw hummus has a totally different taste from the classic hummus) and tabbouleh salad, with parsley, tomato, red onion and lots of lemon

Avocado salad with pomegranate, wheat germ, lemon and olive oil

In the evening: Radicchio salad, lettuce, nuts and apples, with orange juice dressing and olive oil

Carrot juice, celery and grapefruit

Parsley salad with raw sunflower seeds, goji, walnuts and lots of lemon

In the evening: Raw beetroot salad with apple and fermented cabbage, with olive oil and lemon dressing

Raw buckwheat pudding (buckwheat and raw cashews left overnight soaked in plain water, put in the blender in the morning with 2 dates)

Beet, celery and lemon juice

Wheat germ with pieces of dates

Avocado salad with cherry tomatoes, parsley, red onion and pomegranate seeds, with lots of lemon and olive oil

Me and the Dukan Diet

Since a spoon and a half of oat bran are allowed in the attack and two spoons in the cruise, they can be used to prepare sticks that can be served as bread.

I beat either two whole eggs or a whole egg and the egg white from a second egg with a pinch of salt, a pinch of baking soda, I add the bran depending on how much is allowed to eat, I also put two tablespoons of skim cheese, I beat them well with the mixer, then I pour the mixture into the non-stick pan and bake it.

After baking on one side, turn on the other side.

These sticks work very well especially with dishes cooked during the cruise.

They are also wonderful with mustard and meat or sausage as sandwiches.


the glue from the store is not good. if so, in what density?

Mezel? In the diet ?! Shouldn't you eat sausage outside of your diet?
My opinion: you struggle with cakes in vain, if you eat sausage.

Vegetable salad with puff pastry mayonnaise

Fancy a salad with mayonnaise, but are you fasting? Learn how to make mayonnaise from puff pastry and, as a bonus, a salad recipe that you haven't tried before.

  • 3 larger carrots,
  • 3 parsnip roots,
  • 1 medium celery,
  • 1 larger parsley root,
  • 2 potatoes,
  • 1 small white cabbage,
  • 1 small red cabbage,
  • 100 g canned peas,
  • 150 g green beans from the freezer,
  • 50 g olives,
  • 3 sour cucumbers or 4-5 gogonele and 5 cloves of garlic.

Peel all the vegetables, wash them well and boil each one as needed. Boil the roots together. Do not boil the cabbage for more than 10 minutes. Do the same with the beans and peas. After they have cooled, cut the cabbage into small pieces and the vegetables into cubes, as well as the potatoes. Peel the olives and cut them into long slices. Cut the cucumbers, press them well and then add them to the other vegetables and mix everything.


Pour a bag of puff pastry into a bowl, pour a cup of hot water over it, then rub it with a cup of mayonnaise-like oil. Season with salt and pepper and add 4-5 cloves of finely chopped garlic. From all this you get a big salad that you decorate with olives or from a red and green donut you make a flower, and a stalk from a celery leaf.

Here's a variant of fasting mayonnaise with potatoes!

Learn more about Easter fasting and fasting recipes from the book Economical and easy to prepare fasting recipes, written by Sanda Marin. Discover over 200 fasting recipes, collected from all regions of Romania and teachings of the saints, for the period of fasting. Buy the book from the newsstands starting with Monday, February 26, 2018, for only 17 lei.

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