Watch: Aziz Ansari Plays the Chef of a Restaurant That Only Serves ‘Late Brunch’ on the Kroll Show

The Rich D-cks buy a restaurant and quickly face some issues with their pompous new chef

“Dunch” serves only late lunch, after Wendy and Aspen are denied brunch at 3 p.m.

In a new segment of “Rich D-cks” on the Kroll Show, Aziz Ansari plays the superbly cast, arrogant new chef of Wendy and Aspen’s just-purchased restaurant “Dunch,” which only serves late lunch.

Quickly, the spoiled pair runs into creative differences with the chef as it becomes apparent that Ansari’s elevated view of food won’t quite work for the restaurant, already full of hungry customers, that they just bought a few hours ago.

Aziz’s character explains the thought process behind just one of his creations: “I have a spinach purée that I serve with a red wine that’s a cabernet that gives you the feeling that you’re on a whitewater-rafting trip with all your friends and you have this feeling like, ‘man I should do more stuff with these guys.’”

Aspen (Kroll) tells his new chef that he’d like him to focus on a farm-to-table vibe because “he’d like to get someone “farmous like Joaquin Farnix and he sits at one of our tables.”

It doesn’t go well. Watch the clip below:

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