Creamy fish sauce

Creamy fish sauce

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Ingredients for making creamy fish sauce

  1. Cream (20%) 200 ml.
  2. Bay leaf 1 piece
  3. Dill greens 1 bunch
  4. Garlic 1 clove
  5. A mixture of French herbs (or other spices) to taste
  6. Salt at will
  7. Butter 1 tablespoon
  • Main Ingredients Cream
  • Serving 2 servings


Gas stove, Pan, Knife, Cutting board, Wooden spoon

Making cream sauce for fish:

Step 1: mix the ingredients.

Take a pot and pour in cream in it 20% fat content. They must be fresh, otherwise you just risk ruining the dish. Determining the freshness of cream is not so difficult. A high-quality and fresh product is a homogeneous mass, with a slightly creamy tint. If the dairy product begins to deteriorate, then it acquires a bitter taste. In a saucepan with cream we put bay leaf and a mixture of French herbs, which enhances appetite and promotes digestion, it successfully combines several herbs that improve the taste of the dish. And also, you can use any other spices to your taste instead of a mixture of French herbs. Next, take the garlic, peel it, rinse it under water and grind on a cutting board with a knife. Add it to the cream with spices. Everything mix thoroughly wooden spoon.

Step 2: take the dill.

We take a bunch of fresh dill, wash it under cold water and gently shake it from the water. Grind with his knife on a cutting board. And put the chopped greens aside.

Step 3: Cook the sauce.

We put a pan with mixed ingredients on a gas stove. Cook cream sauce 3 - 5 minutes on a very small fire so that the cream does not burn, stir with a spoon. Then, put the chopped fresh dill and mix everything thoroughly. Add the butter. Continue to cook over low heat, stirring until butter melts. After that, take out the bay leaf with a spoon, which has already given all the aroma and taste. We remove the pan from the gas stove. Cream fish sauce is ready!

Step 4: serve the creamy fish sauce.

Gently pour the sauce from the pan into the sauceboat and serve it hot, warm or chilled. Cream sauce is suitable for any fish dish! Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - If during the preparation process, the creams you used are stratified, this does not mean that they are spoiled. Try to stir them, if they get a uniform consistency, feel free to use them to prepare your sauce, if not, then it is not advisable to use them, otherwise, you risk spoiling the dish.

- - It is recommended to cook hot sauces in dishes with thick walls, since in thin dishes the sauce can burn and get a bitter taste, unpleasant odor and dark color.

- - And it is also recommended to use wide dishes for the preparation of sauces, so that the sauce can be conveniently stirred.

- - If during cooking the sauce you add some aromatic seasonings to it, then it is better to cook it in a sealed container so that it does not lose flavor.

- - During storage, a film forms on the surface of the sauce, to avoid this it is necessary to stir it periodically or lay a piece of butter on the surface of the sauce.