Pear jam

Ingredients for Pear Jam

  1. pears 1 kg (preferably peeled).
  2. sugar 1.2 kg
  3. water 200 ml
  • Main Ingredients Pear
  • Serving 4 servings


pan or bowl (preferably copper)., measuring dishes (for water)., scales (for weighing ingredients).

Cooking Pear Jam:

Step 1: take the pear.

Trying to get a tasty and high-quality product, try to choose a ripe pear, but not ripened. The pear should be elastic enough and not give in to the pressure of the fingers when you try to put pressure on it. The variety of the pear itself is not so important, anyone will do it like tea, for example, someone who prefers Ceylon, someone Indian, etc. So, having chosen the pear we need, we thoroughly rinse it.

Step 2: chop the pear and boil it.

After we washed the fruit we take and cut it into slices having previously cut out the core. Slices should be approximately two, two and a half centimeters. Then, choosing a suitable container, boil them for ten, fifteen minutes. And here I recall the Russian fun, and steamed into the pond, and the more significant the temperature difference, the better. We also do the same with the pear. As soon as our slices are boiled, we cool them in cold water.

Step 3: prepare the syrup.

Having prepared a container for cooking jam, we pour water in it up to about three hundred grams, put on a quiet fire and pour out a gram of seven hundred sugar (we do everything based on a kilogram of pears), then stirring, bring to a boil. As soon as all the sugar has dissolved and the syrup has started foaming, put the boiled pear in it beforehand.

Step 4: serve.

After pouring a pear into our container, add a twinkle and bring it to a boil. Then pour the remaining sugar and stir over low heat for about an hour. We try the jam, and when it is ready we let it cool, and only then we can enjoy its full taste. Serve such a product, or if you want the dish is very tasty for pancakes with tea, use it as a filling for confectionery, rolls, cake, cakes. Various uses of this product in the form of a dessert will make it non-replaceable on your table. Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - Pear jam will clean your intestines, if you have such a problem.

- - It can, and in most cases, be served as a dessert after a hearty lunch or dinner and during festive feasts, since pear jam will greatly facilitate the digestion process.

- - Watch how you store this product, as improper storage can lead to a fermentation process, which may not appeal to those who monitor their health.