Salad "Old City"

Ingredients for the preparation of the salad "Old City"

  1. Chicken fillet (or breast) 500 gr.
  2. Mushrooms (preferably champignons) 500 gr.
  3. Tomatoes 2 pcs.
  4. Hard cheese 350 gr.
  5. Onion 1 pc.
  6. Pitted olives 100 gr.
  7. Mayonnaise 150 gr.
  8. Dill 1 bunch
  9. Vegetable oil 2 tbsp. spoons
  • Main ingredients: Chicken, Mushrooms
  • Serving 6 servings
  • World Cuisine


Knife, Cutting board, Saucepan, Frying pan, Spoon, Salad bowl

Cooking salad "Old City":

Step 1: Preparing the ingredients.

Defrost chicken as necessary, then rinse thoroughly. We put the fillet or breast in a pan and fill it with water, after which we put the container on medium heat. Cook chicken in this condition about 30 minutesby periodically removing the foam with a slotted spoon. In addition, immediately after boiling water, it is necessary to salt it a little. While chicken is being cooked, we will prepare other ingredients for the salad. Onions must be peeled and washed thoroughly. Cut the onions into medium cubes. We also wash the mushrooms and clean them if necessary. For example, if you chose champignons, then with them thin film must be removedcovering a mushroom hat. Next, cut the selected mushrooms into plates or cubes. Pour a little vegetable or olive oil into the pan and set it on fire. When it warms up, add the chopped onion and fry it until a light golden color. While cooking onions, his stir occasionally so that it does not burn. Next, add mushrooms to the onion and fry them until all the liquid that will be released evaporates. After this, the mushrooms must be cooled. Rinse the tomato under running water and cut in the stem. Next, cut the vegetable into strips. Same in length and width chop the hard cheese with strips. In order to make it easier to cut, you can use several tricks. At first, before slicing the cheese can be frozen in the refrigerator. Secondly, during cutting, the knife blade can be moistened with cold water. These tips will allow you to easily and evenly chop the cheese. After the chicken meat is ready, we take it out of boiling water, cool it and also cut it into strips with a sharp knife.

Step 2: Put the salad in layers.

As in any puff salad, in this dish, the sequence of laying out products is also important. It’s worth mentioning right away that absolutely all layers of salad are smeared with mayonnaise. So, the first layer is chicken. Next, spread the fried mushrooms with onions. After them comes a layer of cheese, and already on it a layer of tomatoes. It is very important to first drain the juice from the tomatoes. Next, cut the pitted olives into thin circles and spread them over the entire surface of the salad.

Step 3: Serve the Old Town Salad.

Dill well washed in water and chop the greens finely. Sprinkle abundantly on the whole salad surface with dill. Before serving, it is advisable to insist the dish in the refrigerator at least 30 minutes. Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- -If it is difficult for you to grease a layer of tomatoes with mayonnaise, then you can cover this layer with a frequent mayonnaise net. This can be done with a culinary bag or cut a corner very thinly from a soft package of mayonnaise and gently squeezing the contents into neat lines along the surface of the salad.

- - The dish can be laid out on a dish covered with lettuce. In this case, the salad will look even brighter and more aesthetically pleasing.

- - You can use a frozen mushroom mixture to make a salad. For its preparation, follow the instructions that are prescribed for the packaging of the product. In this case, you will significantly save the cooking time and the energy spent on the cooking process.