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Curd casserole with apples

Ingredients for making cottage cheese casserole with apples

  1. Cottage cheese 2% fat 500 grams
  2. Apples 600 grams (any fresh apples will do)
  3. 4 eggs
  4. Sugar 150 grams
  5. Semolina 125 grams
  6. Zest of one lemon 50 grams
  7. Vanilla Sugar 1 Pack
  8. Baking powder for dough 0.5 package
  9. Lemon juice 1 teaspoon
  10. Salt on the tip of the knife to taste
  11. Cinnamon to taste
  12. Margarine 50 grams
  13. Water to taste
  • Main IngredientsLemon, Apple, Cottage Cheese
  • Serving 8 servings
  • World Cuisine


Knife, Cutting board, Deep bowl - 3 pieces, Sieve, Kitchen paper towels, Grater, Mixer, Long match, Plate, Bakeware, Oven, Stove, Kettle, Tablespoon, Teaspoon

Cooking cottage cheese casseroles with apples:

Step 1: Prepare the apples.

Take the apples. We rinse them under running water. We remove their tails. Thinly with a knife we ​​cut off the peel from them and cut out the core with seeds. Rinse the peeled apples again under running water. Shake off the remaining water from them. We lay on a cutting board and gently cut into small slices or pieces of medium size. So that they are well baked in casseroles, the width of each slice or piece should be no more than 5 millimeters. Sliced ​​apples are placed in a deep bowl. We cover it with a lid on top so that the apples are not weathered.

Step 2: prepare the semolina.

Take semolina 100g. Pour it into a deep bowl. We put the kettle with water on the stove turned on and boil the water. After it needs to be cooled. The temperature of the cooled water should be approximately 35 - 40 degrees. Pour semolina with warm water and leave it to swell for an hour. Pouring water should cover the semolina from above completely. This whole process is needed so that our casserole is more airy and not grainy. Such semolina will almost not be felt in our dish, and will not interrupt the taste of cottage cheese and apples.

Step 3: prepare the eggs.

We take the eggs. Break them into a deep bowl, separate the yolks from the proteins. Squirrels pour into another deep bowl and set aside. Let them wait in turn. Combine the yolks with sugar and rub them together with a spoon. Add the soaked semolina to the grated eggs. It just swelled, and it became twice as much. Beat the resulting mixture with a mixer 15 - 20 minutesuntil white foam forms on its surface.

Step 4: prepare the cottage cheese.

Take the cottage cheese and wipe it through a sieve in a bowl with beaten eggs, sugars and semolina. Add a bag of vanilla sugar and a bag of baking powder. All the ingredients are thoroughly mixed with a spoon until smooth.

Step 5: add the lemon zest.

We take a lemon and rinse it under running water. Wipe with a kitchen paper towel and rub it on a fine grater straight into a bowl with all the ingredients. A little lemon zest, about 50 grams. Zest with half a lemon will be enough. We don’t throw out the lemon, it will still be useful to us. Mix the ingredients with a spoon.

Step 6: beat the egg white.

Take a bowl of egg white. Add salt to it, it needs a little, a pinch will be enough. The mixer continues to whip the whites, and in the meantime, we take the lemon and squeeze the juice from it, all we need is 1 teaspoon of lemon juice. Beating with a mixer the proteins and salt, gradually add lemon juice. He will bind the squirrels, they will be better whipped and become thicker. Beat the ingredients for about 20 -25 minutes. The whipped finished proteins must be thick in consistency, the foam should be saturated and stable.

Step 7: combine all the ingredients.

Pour whipped squirrels into a bowl to all ingredients. We help ourselves with a spoon so that not a drop of the precious mixture remains on the walls of the bowl. We take a mixer and beat the whole mass for the last time so that it becomes airy. It turned out airy batter ready for baking.

Step 8: put the dough into the mold.

Choose a baking dish. I preferred the round shape. Grease it with margarine. We do not use any devices, just take the margarine with our hands and grease the baking dish inside with fat. Sprinkle the greased form with the remaining semolina. This must be done so that our cottage cheese casserole with apples does not burn. Pour the finished dough with a spoon into a mold greased with margarine and sprinkled with semolina.

Step 9: Step: 9 put the apples in the dough.

Put apples on top of the batter. We lay them so that they cover the entire surface of the dough. We take cinnamon and sprinkle it on top, apples are placed in the dough. Add cinnamon to taste. But I want to tell you, in this dish, there isn’t much cinnamon. Apples adore cinnamon, and when baked, the combination of these ingredients gives a unique flavor.

Step 10: bake cottage cheese casserole with apples.

Turn on the oven. Heat her up to 180 degrees. Bake our masterpiece. After 40 minutes you can look into the oven take a long match and pierce the casserole. If the dough does not stick to a match, then the casserole is ready. If the dough stays on the matches, it means you should let it bake in the oven for a little more time. Cottage cheese casserole with apples should bake for about 40 to 50 minutes. But the forms and ovens are different for everyone. So that you have to monitor the internal and external state of the cottage cheese casserole. Readiness inside check match. Outside, the finished casserole is covered with a golden brown. If she is ready, take the casserole out of the oven.

Step 11: chop the cottage cheese casserole with apples.

Cottage cheese casserole is ready. Let it cool right in the mold. After we take a sharp knife and carefully trace it between the walls of the form and the cottage cheese casserole itself. This process will help us remove the wall of the mold and not damage the edges of the cottage cheese casserole with apples. We take the powdered sugar, pour it on the strainer and sift it through it on top of our casserole. The strainer can be used the same through which we rubbed the cottage cheese. Just do not forget to wash and dry it beforehand. Cut the cottage cheese casserole with apples into portions.

Step 12: serve the dish "Curd casserole with apples."

Ready-made cottage cheese casserole with apples is beautifully laid on a plate. Serve this dish with whipped cream or whipped cream with sugar. It’s very, pleasant to taste such a casserole with fresh herbal tea with chamomile and tea rose petals. My children enjoy eating, casserole dipping it in honey and drinking milk. The yummy is incredible. After an hour, no crumbs remain from the casserole. Tasty, satisfying and healthy! Bon appetit and good health!

Recipe Tips:

- - Cottage cheese casserole with apples can be served both warm and cold.

- - If the top of the casserole starts to burn, and inside it is still damp, cover the top of the casserole with baking paper.

- - If you don’t have a mixer on hand, you can whisk food with a whisk, a blender or a fork.

- - The cooled casserole always settles a little. If you notice this, do not worry! You got a great casserole. Settle a little, this is typical of any casserole.