Cold pickling cucumbers

Ingredients for cold pickling cucumbers

  1. Fresh cucumber 2 kg
  2. Water for the marinade is preferably well or spring
  3. Salt 3 tbsp. spoons
  4. Dill (dried inflorescences or paws) as you wish
  5. Garlic 3 cloves
  6. Blackcurrant leaves a few pieces
  7. Cherry Leaves 4-5 pcs. if there
  8. Black pepper peas 8 pcs.
  9. Horseradish leaves (you can also root pieces) 2 pcs.
  10. Red hot pepper we need only a drop
  • Main Ingredients
  • Serving 10-15
  • World Cuisine


Deep bowl, Cutting board, Sharp knife, Cucumber jar, Cutlery

Cold pickling cucumbers:

Step 1: Prepare the ingredients.

Fresh green cucumbers, it is important that they are not dry, must be washed thoroughly. Fit here only pickled cucumbersif you take cucumbers for salad, then porridge can turn out from them. We pour cucumbers with boiling water and immediately lower them under cold water. Then soak for a couple of hours in cold water. After we begin to shift the cucumbers into a three-liter jar, on the bottom of which we pre-lay the leaves of horseradish, blackcurrant and cherry. At the bottom we also put the cloves of garlic and dill stalks, put the peas of black pepper.

Step 2: Cook the marinade.

We breed salt in cold spring water or water from a well at the rate of 50 grams per liter of water. Pour into the jar. Squeeze one drop of red hot pepper from above and close it with a plastic cover. If we add more horseradish root, then our cucumbers will stand for a long time and not peroxide.

Step 3: Serve the pickles.

If our cucumbers are to be stored, I advise you to put them in a cool place, such as a refrigerator or cellar. If we want to eat them soon, then leave in the room for three days. We place a plate under the jar, because liquid may spill out. Good appetite!

Recipe Tips:

- - A prerequisite is that salt must not be iodized.

- - If you don’t have a spring at hand or a well nearby, there is an alternative - we will prepare a marinade from plain running water. Dilute the salt in water, bring to a boil and cool. Only then pour cucumbers into the jar. Then we cover it with a capron lid, turn it over and put it in a cool place until the evolution of gases and the precipitation of white precipitate on the cucumbers is completely stopped. After that, you may not believe me, but I drain the brine, wash the whole precipitate out of the can with cold water, rinse cucumbers and spices 3-4 times, the main thing is that the herbs and spices remain in the bank and pour cold water at the very end again. Cover again and sterilize. Later I can roll it up if I want them to lie longer. I have such cucumbers stand the second year, without losing color and taste.