Pink salmon

Ingredients for making pink salmon fish soup

  1. Pink salmon 1 piece, weighing approximately 1 kilogram
  2. Onion 1 large head
  3. Bay leaf 2 pieces
  4. Black pepper 5-8 peas
  5. Potato 2 pieces medium size
  6. Dill, parsley, salt to taste
  7. Small ruffs 10-15 pieces (if you find)
  • Main Ingredients
  • Serving 8 servings
  • World Cuisine


3-liter pan, Knife, Cutting board, Cooking pink salmon soup.

Cooking pink salmon soup:

Step 1: chop pink salmon.

To begin with, leave it without a head and tail. Gutted. Caviar did not come across? Well, okay, no luck this time, it turns out. We will feast without her now. Gently spread the pink salmon along and remove all the bones. Just do not rush to treat them to a cat. Wait a bit. What to do next? Depends on whether you have small ruffles. The thing is that in the old days in Russia it was the ear on the broth of ruffs that was especially valued. Did the head of the family go fishing yesterday? Fine. Then prepare the broth.

Step 2: boil small fish and waste after cutting pink salmon.

With ruffs one hassle. Neither cleaning nor washing them is recommended. Remember in Alexei Tolstoy in Peter the Great they put them directly in the ear “as is, with snot”? Let’s and we will try. Only gutting them is still desirable. So that the decoction does not have the taste of the insides. But be careful. You can easily prick. The wounds after such injections are very painful. Now, take a piece of regular gauze, tie a ruff in it and in a pot of cold water. Let them boil. Not very long, about 15 minutes after boiling over low heat. Remember to periodically remove the foam! Take out the cheesecloth, if necessary, strain the broth and lay there, again in cheesecloth, the waste after cutting pink salmon: the tail is there, fins, bones, head. Just keep in mind that gills must be removed from the head. Also for a better taste. Are you done? Take out the cheesecloth again. We have a double broth for soup. Now all the bones can be given to the cat. He was exhausted, probably ... What if there is no ruff? Everything is very simple, we exclude the first stage and immediately boil the tail, bones and head of pink salmon. By the way, if there is a little pulp left on them, you can easily pick it out with your hands and put it off for the last stage.

Step 3: prepare the ear.

Add the onion to the boiling broth. Whole or, in extreme cases, cut in half. You can, by the way, not clean it. In this case, due to the onion husk of the ear, it will acquire a pleasant reddish color. There we put chopped fish fillet, finely chopped potatoes. You can add dill stalks. And shortly before readiness, you can put salt, pepper, bay leaf. Ear boils quickly, 15-20 minutes. But after readiness, it should be infused for another 7-8 minutes under a tightly closed lid.

Step 4: serve to the table.

Before serving, discard the boiled onions and dill stalks. They have already done their job, they gave away the aroma. Add finely chopped fresh herbs to the plates over the finished dish. You can and a small slice of lemon. Well, why is the ear divided into triple and double? Probably already understood. Triple broth - triple, double, without a ruff, - double. Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - Some species of fish, in particular roach, bream, gudgeon, bleak, roach, ram, mackerel, sabrefish, gobies, are not suitable for making classic fish soup.

- - Ear can only be cooked in enamel or clay dishes. Aluminum is not for her.

- - Ear of red fish can also be tinted with saffron. Just keep in mind, spices should not be too much, otherwise they will kill the taste of fish.

- - They eat it both hot and cold. Just right under the ear is a piece of rye bread, fish kulebyaka, pie, pies with elm, sago, rice and eggs, onions.