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Vitamin tea

Ingredients for Making Vitamin Tea

  1. Ginger Root 300 grams
  2. Lemon 1 pieces
  3. Fresh mint leaves 6-8 leaves
  4. Dried Rosehip 4 tablespoons
  5. Dried Schisandra, ground 1 tablespoon
  6. Ground cinnamon 1 tablespoon
  7. Hibiscus flowers dried 1 teaspoon
  8. Dried fennel 1 teaspoon
  9. Dried orange zest 1 teaspoon
  10. Honey 4 tablespoons
  11. Distilled pure water 1 liter
  • Main ingredientsLemon
  • Serving 4 servings
  • World Cuisine


Teaspoon, Knife, Cutting board, Paper kitchen towels, Plate - 3 pieces, Deep plate, Tablespoon, Stove, Deep pan with a lid, Small sieve, Cup - 4 pieces

Making Vitamin Tea:

Step 1: prepare the ingredients.

One of the benefits of vitamin tea is that you get the necessary vitamins and minerals in a pure form that you cannot get with any vitamin supplements. First of all, you will need ginger root, lemon and fresh mint leaves. Peel the ginger root from the peel with a knife, rinse under running water with lemon and mint. Dry the root and lemons with paper kitchen towels. Lay the ginger on a cutting board and cut into thick plates. up to 1 centimeter, can be thinner. Put the root in a plate. Cut the lemon into 2 parts, remove the zest from one of them, and put the pulp in a plate. It can be used in any other dish. Cut the second part of the lemon into rings, half rings or slices and place in another plate. Herbs rosehip, lemongrass, cinnamon, hibiscus, fennel and dried orange zest, mix in a deep plate with a tablespoon.

Step 2: prepare vitamin tea.

Turn the stove on to a medium level and place a deep pan on it with the amount of pure distilled water you need. Put ginger root in boiled water, screw the stove to a small level and cook ginger 15 minutes under the closed lid. Then add the mint leaves and lemon zest and cook the mass for another 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, add dried herbs in the amount of 4 tablespoons per 1 liter of water. Put the rest of the herbal mixture in a clean, dry jar, and close the lid, the next time you want to taste this invigorating drink you will no longer need to mix the herbs, the mixture of them will be at your fingertips. Boil the herbs for 5 minutes over low heat, with the lid closed. Then turn off the stove and let the tea brew 30 minutes in the pan. During this time, steamed herbs will release all their nutrients. Strain the finished tea through a fine sieve into a cup, put boiled slices of ginger in a tablespoon, add a couple of sliced ‚Äč‚Äčlemon and season with a tablespoon of honey.

Step 3: serve vitamin tea.

Vitamin tea is served in large cups together with boiled slices of ginger root and honey. Such tea does not require supplements in the form of sugar; it is pleasant to drink it in the bite with sweets. Vitamin tea prepared according to this recipe refreshes, moisturizes, nourishes the body with the necessary vitamins and minerals, and this drink also has healing properties. Vitamin tea is indispensable at any time of the year. Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - Do not change the recipe for tea, rose hips give the drink vitamin C, A, B, E, calcium, iron, manganese, selenium and zinc. Schisandra gives manganese, calcium, iron and magnesium. Cinnamon brings a warming effect and improves digestion. Hibiscus contains a high amount of vitamin C and is known for its cooling properties. Fennel seeds improves digestion, prevents colic and is very beneficial for nursing mothers. The zest of orange and lemon is rich in vitamin C, enriches the taste and aroma of the drink. Ginger is an anti-inflammatory and helps with sore throats. Peppermint leaves prevent coughing, and honey has antibacterial properties.

- - Do not put herbs more than what is written in the recipe, since more herbs can not only benefit, but also harm, oversaturation or poisoning. Properly prepared tea according to the recipe mentioned above will help you get rid of colds, or any other viral diseases.

- - This type of tea is a completely safe drink, it can be consumed by both adults and children! But if any of the above ingredients makes you allergic, you should remove it from the list and not add to tea during its preparation.