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Ingredients for cooking

For barbecue:

  1. Lamb meat tenderloin 1 kilogram
  2. Garlic 1 head
  3. Laurel leaf 8-10 pieces
  4. Pepper peas 5-8 pieces

For marinade:

  1. Pure water 300 milliliters
  2. Garlic 1 head
  3. Salt half a teaspoon or to taste
  4. Ground black pepper ground teaspoon or to taste
  • Main Ingredients
  • World Cuisine


Knife, Cutting board, Hammer, Garlic ginger, Deep plate, Barbecue, Stove, Coals, Shovel for coal, Skewer - 8 pieces, Grill net, Table spoon, Teaspoon, Deep bowl, Large flat plate

Cooking dumplings:

Step 1: prepare the meat.

To get started, take a swearing tenderloin, rinse it under running water, lay it on a cutting board and clean it with a knife from excess fat and hymen. Do not cut off a lot of fat, without it lamb will not be so tasty, it will be enough to leave a light layer 5 millimeters. Prepared for slicing meat, cut into portions with an approximate diameter 3 by 3 centimeters, you can a little more. Beat the lamb lightly with a hammer in order to soften it a little, and then lay in a deep bowl. Add laurel leaf, black peppercorns to lamb, to taste salt and onions, previously washed and cut into rings thick up to 5 millimeters. Peel the garlic, squeeze it through a garlic press into a deep plate and add to it pure water and black ground pepper. Settle lamb and garlic marinade for 30 minutes or 1 hour do not mix marinade and meat! In some variants of this type of barbecue, meat is not marinated, but cooked immediately, but marinated meat is much tastier and softer, so I flavored it with a small amount of onion and spices.

Step 2: prepare the dumplings.

While the meat is pickling, set the barbecue with coals, and chop them. And on the surface lay a grid from the grill. It’s much more convenient to cook kebabs. Then put the pickled pieces of meat on the skewer. 5 to 6 pieces for each, mixed with onion rings, I strung a couple of tomato rings for several skewers. Place the kebabs on the grill net and fry them for 30 - 35 mint to a brown dark crust periodically turning the meat from one side to another, for uniform frying. Every 5 minutes, using a tablespoon, spill the kebabs with the cooked marinade of garlic, salt and black pepper. As you know, lamb is cooked for a long time, but we have a special kebab, so half-baked meat, covered with a beautiful golden crust, remove from the grill and lay in a deep bowl and go ahead, cook the beaver further.

Step 3: bring the beggar up to full readiness.

Turn on the stove to a medium level and place the pan on it. If you are preparing this type of barbecue in nature, you can put a frying pan on a grid from the grill. Remove pieces of meat from skewers along with onions. Put the pickled and lightly fried onions in a hot pan, pour in the beef broth and stew it. Throw meat, fried tomatoes and simmer ingredients until cooked for 30 minutes or until the meat is soft. Put the finished beetles on a large flat plate.

Step 4: serve the beggars.

Lishchapap is served hot together with thick rich porridge of corn or wheat, stewed onions are laid on top of it, a huge dish with various stewed or baked vegetables is placed next to it and a large fresh pita bread is placed. The dish itself is considered as a side dish for any kind of vegetables, but for a change it can be served with mashed potatoes, baked potatoes and pasta. Lishchapap tastes like a delicious aromatic, juicy shish kebab soaked in garlic and spices, it is pleasant to savor it with strong, red, sweet wine. I hope you enjoy this dish! Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- Of course, lichen is a traditional Adyghe dish and it is necessary to cook it according to all Adyghe rules, but a small variety of spices can greatly improve its taste and aroma. So feel free to add to the barbecue any spices you like that are suitable for meat.

- - If you cook the barbecue at home, in the electric barbecue, fry it a little longer, 40 - 45 minutes will be enough, and then stew in the broth for another 30 minutes.

- - If you do not want to stew kebab in the broth, you can bring it to readiness on the grill. But, do not forget that lamb is quite tough meat and if it is poorly pickled kebab can turn out to be dry and harsh. Therefore, during the preparation of this dish on the grill, constantly pour the marinade with lichen and if it ends, prepare another portion. On the grill, barbecue is cooked for 70 - 90 minutes.

- - If during the preparation of the barbecue charcoals flare up, extinguish them with not a lot of water or wine.