A fish

Dorado in spicy sauce

Ingredients for Dorado in a spicy sauce

For fish:

  1. Dorado fish fillet 4 pieces
  2. Vegetable oil 100 grams
  3. Sifted wheat flour 100-150 grams
  4. Ground black pepper to taste
  5. Salt to taste

For the sauce:

  1. Distilled pure water 300 milliliters
  2. Red onions, sweet 4-5 pieces (300 grams)
  3. Capers 1 can (250 grams)
  4. Olives 1 can (250 grams)
  5. Dry white wine 200 grams
  6. Butter 50-70 grams
  7. Tomato paste 3 tablespoons
  8. Sifted wheat flour 1 tablespoon
  9. Dill 1 bunch
  10. Chili pepper 1 piece up to 3 centimeters in length
  11. Laurel leaf 2-3 pieces
  12. Dried caraway seeds 1 teaspoon
  13. Ground black pepper to taste
  14. Allspice to taste
  15. Sugar 1 teaspoon
  16. Salt to taste
  • Main ingredients
  • Serving 4 servings
  • World CuisineAsian, Oriental


Deep bowl, Paper kitchen towels, Cutting board - 2 pieces, Knife - 2 pieces, Stove, Frying pan with lid, Deep plate, Kitchen spatula, Plate - 3 pieces, Canned wrench, Skimmer, Tablespoon, Teaspoon, Large flat plate

Cooking dorada in a spicy sauce:

Step 1: prepare and fry the dorada fillet.

Place frozen dorado fillet in a deep bowl, fill with cold running water and allow to melt 10 to 15 minutes. After washing the fish under running water, pat dry with paper kitchen towels, lay on a cutting board and grate to taste with salt and black pepper. Let the fish brew for 7 to 10 minutes. Turn the stove on a medium level and place a pan with vegetable oil on it. Pour the sifted wheat flour into a deep plate and roll the dorada on it from all sides. In the preheated fat, dip the pieces of fish and fry them to a light golden crust on both sides, periodically turning them with a kitchen spatula to fry evenly and to avoid sticking to the bottom of the pan. Then put the dorado fillet on a plate, helping yourself with a kitchen spatula. Do not pour oil from the fish, just leave the pan from the stove.

Step 2: prepare the sauce.

Rinse the peeled red sweet onion peeled off under running water, lay it on a cutting board and cut into small cubes with a knife with an approximate diameter 5 by 5 millimeters. Use the canned wrench to open the capers and olives. Drain the marinade in which they lay. Place the olives on a cutting board, and cut into rings with an approximate thickness. up to 2.5 - 3 millimeters, leave the capers intact. Arrange the ingredients in separate plates. Put it on the stove, which is turned on the middle level, in the pan in which the fish was fried. If there is little fat left in it, add some vegetable oil, but do not get carried away too much. Throw the onion into the preheated fat and simmer it for 5 - 6 minutes to transparency and the formation of a light golden crust. Then add the right amount of white dry wine with clean distilled water and simmer the onions again 45 minutes. Then put the pieces of butter in a pan and simmer it with onions for 2 to 3 minutes. While the onions are stewed in butter and wine, wash a bunch of dill with chili pepper under running water, shake the greens over the sink to remove excess liquid, lay on a cutting board and chop finely. Throw chopped herbs in a pan to the onion mass and simmer them 1 - 2 minutes. Cut the stalk of the chili pepper, lay it on a cutting board. Cut into 2 parts, peel them from the seeds and cut both halves with a long thin straw with an approximate thickness 1 - 2 mm. Throw the pepper along with the right amount of tomato in a pan to the onion and add a leaf of laurel, caraway seeds, black ground pepper and allspice. Stir the tablespoon ingredients until smooth and simmer them for 2 to 4 minutes, not forgetting to remove the foam that appears on the surface with a slotted spoon. After the desired time has elapsed, add 1 tablespoon sifted wheat flour, sugar, chopped olives with capers and salt the sauce to taste, not forgetting that you have already salted the fish. Stir the ingredients until smooth. Screw the stove to the lowest level and simmer the sauce for 14 - 17 minutes under the closed lid. Do not forget to periodically mix the ingredients with a wooden spatula, so that they do not burn to the bottom of the pan.

Step 3: combine the sauce with the fish and bring the dish to full readiness.

After approximately 30 - 35 minutes your sauce will be completely ready. Now it’s up to small. Dip the fried dorada fillet in a pan with a spicy sauce, let it stew for 5 - 7 minutes and turn off the stove. The dish is ready, but there are some more little secrets. Of course, you can try the sea bream in a spicy sauce right away, but if you let it brew in the refrigerator at least 12 hours, it is saturated with tomatoes, the aroma of herbs and wine, which will improve its taste 1000 times. The next day you can eat fish either in cold form, or warm it in a skillet and serve hot, the taste will win anyway.

Step 4: Serve the dorada in a spicy sauce.

Dorada in a spicy sauce is served hot or cold, laid on a large flat plate. Boiled rice, baked and boiled potatoes or mashed potatoes can be served with this dish. Savoring this yummy is pleasant with white dry or semi-dry wine, and pomegranate or lemon juice is perfect for children and opponents of alcohol. With such a fish you can pamper yourself and your family at least every day, and your family will be very grateful to you for such a wonderful dinner, lunch or breakfast. Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - For frying fish, you can use such types of oil as olive, corn or cream, and if for some reason you do not have wheat flour, you can use corn flour, breadcrumbs or grind the remnants of dried bread and use this crumb to breading fish.

- - In the same way you can cook any freshwater or sea fish.

- - For the preparation of this dish you can use any spices that are suitable for fish or vegetable dishes.

- - Instead of tomato paste, you can use fresh tomatoes, grated or crushed to a homogeneous mass using a blender, to prepare this recipe you will need 2 to 3 pieces of medium-sized tomatoes.

- - Remember that for cutting fish, meat, raw and boiled vegetables, there must be separate cutting boards and knives.

- - The wine can be replaced with 1 tablespoon of 9% vinegar.