Potato cutlets with filling

Potato cutlets with filling

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Ingredients for Making Potato Cutlets with Stuffing

  1. Potatoes 5-7 pieces
  2. Raisins 1/2 cup
  3. Vegetable oil as needed
  4. Onion 1 piece
  5. 2 cloves of garlic
  6. Ground beef 150 grams
  7. Chicken eggs 1 piece
  8. Flour 1 cup
  9. Ground black pepper 1 tablespoon
  10. Salt to taste
  • Main Ingredients: Beef, Potato, Raisins


Cooker, Frying Pan, Saucepan, Kitchen Shovel, Knife, Cutting Board, Batter, Refrigerator, Colander, Plates, Serving Dish

Cooking potato patties stuffed with:

Step 1: prepare the potatoes.

The first step is to boil the potatoes. To do this, we wash the tubers under running water from sand and earth. Then, using a regular or special knife for peeling vegetables, peel and rinse again. Next, on a cutting board with a knife, we cut the potatoes into 3-4 parts, depending on the size of the vegetables themselves, into approximately equal pieces so that they cook simultaneously. After we turn on the temperature of the plate to a high level. Set the pan on the burner, lay the chopped potatoes and fill the component with water, so that it completely covers all the slices, add salt to taste. As soon as the water in the pan boils, reduce the temperature of the stove, close the lid and cook 20-30 minutes until ready. This can easily be determined with a knife or fork. A sharp appliance should easily pierce the vegetable. With the passage of time, turn off the fire. Gently drain the water, and transfer the potatoes to a deep plate or bowl. Then, using the pusher, we knead the vegetable, turning it into mashed potatoes. Add black ground pepper to taste and taste the mashed potatoes, add salt if necessary. Then we remove the plate in the refrigerator.

Step 2: prepare the filling.

Put raisins in a colander and thoroughly rinse it under running water. Then we shift into a deep plate and pour boiling water (250 milliliters). Next, peel the onions and garlic. We wash the onions under cold running water and cut them into a small cube up to 1 centimeter in size on a cutting board. Shredded onions are transferred to a plate. Cut the garlic cloves into small pieces, up to 5 millimeters in size, and remove to the onion. Now turn on the temperature of the plate to an average level. Add vegetable oil to the pan and put on the burner. Put the onion and garlic in the heated oil and fry for 3 to 4 minutes until a beautiful golden color. After sprinkle with black pepper. Next, pour the liquid with raisins into a colander and discard the dried fruit into the pan. Stir with a kitchen spatula and add the thawed minced meat. Frying 2 - 3 minutes, pour the meat broth. Stew until all the liquid has evaporated. Then turn off the fire and set the pan to the cold burner.

Step 3: form the cutlets.

We take a plate of mashed potatoes from the refrigerator. We wash an egg under running water from various kinds of pollution. Break the shell and pour the egg into a plate with mashed potatoes. Add the flour there and begin to knead in a homogeneous sticky mass. Next, we form a cake from potatoes, the size of which you choose yourself at your own request. And we put the filling with a tablespoon, then we fasten the edges of the tortilla to make a cutlet. In this way we form all the other cutlets.

Step 4: fry the patties.

Turn on the temperature of the plate to an average level. Pour a large amount of vegetable oil into the pan about 2.5 centimeters and put on the burner. In preheated fat, fry the patties for about 10 minutes, from all sides to a rosy color.

Step 5: serve the potato patties with the filling.

We put the fried potato patties on a beautiful dish for serving or lay out each portion. They can be served with sour cream or cheese sauce. And as a side dish, a light vegetable salad is suitable. Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - The filling can be made not only from minced meat, because potatoes go well with mushrooms and fish, as well as whole pieces of meat.

- - It is not necessary to add raisins to the filling. And also it is not necessary to use only ground beef, you can add both pork and mixed.

- - Before you install a plate of mashed potatoes in the refrigerator, you can wrap it with plastic wrap. So mashed potatoes do not absorb excess odors.

- - To make the filling even more delicious, you can add spices to it. When frying onions and garlic, in addition to black pepper, add the same amount of cumin and cilantro.