Stew with chicken raised in the yard

Stew with chicken raised in the yard

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Another taste, another food of ..... even if the meat is a little more tender ......

  • chest, copane and tartita from a chicken raised in the country
  • 1 red bell pepper
  • 1 yellow bell pepper
  • 1 carrot
  • 5 red onions
  • 10 cloves of green garlic
  • 400 g peeled tomatoes
  • 2 potatoes (that's how much I had and I was too lazy to go to the market)
  • 50 ml oil
  • salt
  • 1 teaspoon of fuchs spice
  • green parsley

Servings: -

Preparation time: over 120 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Stew with chicken raised in the yard:

First I boiled the chicken pieces, from the respective juice I made a soup with dumplings. When they were well cooked, I took them out on a plate and I started to prepare the stew. I cleaned and washed the vegetables and then they -I cut the carrot into round pieces, the pepper and potato cubes and the onion brown. I put a pan on the fire to heat, I added the oil and vegetables, less the potato, I sprinkled a pinch of salt and I put the lid on the pan, leaving lower the heat, to simmer the vegetables well. I left it for about 20 minutes, then I added the potatoes and about 250 ml of water. I let it boil well for about 20 minutes and I added the tomatoes and the teaspoon of spice. At the end I put the meat, which was already cooked, I let the flavors blend for another 10 minutes. I took the pan off the heat and added finely chopped parsley.

Cabbage salad with chicken pulp & # 8211 a lightweight low calorie recipe

Cabbage salad with chicken pulp

Colorful low-calorie salad is always welcome.

You can prepare it from the leftovers from any steak or chicken in the soup or simply boil the meat especially for this recipe.

Ingredients cabbage salad with chicken pulp

  • chicken meat
  • 1/2 small cabbage
  • 1 carrot
  • small bunch of parsley
  • 3 tablespoons Vietnamese sauce
  • 1 small red onion
  • 5 tablespoons apple cider vinegar
  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • salt

Method of preparation

If we don't have cooked meat, we boil it in salted water, it's the ideal recipe for any kind of chicken we find at home, I had chicken pulp that I cleaned from the skin, I boiled it and then I deboned -I broke it into strips.

In a bowl mix the vinegar with the sugar and put on the fire to completely dissolve the sugar, clean the red onion and slice it into slices over the onion, pour the hot vinegar and leave until it cools completely.

Cut the cabbage into fidelities and sprinkle it with salt to soften it, clean the carrot and cut it into sticks or put it through a large grater, finally chop the green parsley leaf.

Mix the ingredients, drain the onion and add it to the salad.

At the end we pour the Vietnamese sauce and mix everything (the ingredients and the preparation of the Vietnamese sauce can be found separately among my recipes).

1.Ingredient 2. Boiled meat 3. Meat boiled in salted water 4. Vinegar measured with a spoon 5. Sugar measured with a spoon 6. Peeled and sliced ​​onions 7. Onion rings in hot vinegar 8. Cabbage cut fidelity 9. Sprinkle with salt to soften 10. Peeled carrot 11. The grated carrot 12. Mixed ingredients 13. The meat strips added next to the salad 14. Finely chopped parsley 15.Chopped parsley added to salad 16. Add the drained onion 16. Add the drained onion 18. Pour the Vietnamese sauce over the salad 19. Salad obtained 20. Cabbage salad with chicken 21.Presentation suggestion 22.Presentation suggestion

Eight simple recipes with leftovers from chicken steak

It often happens that when you cook a chicken there is a significant amount that you can still serve, but that no one wants. But there are ways to turn the remaining food into new culinary dishes that your family can enjoy.

So here are the dishes you can make from the leftovers from the fried chicken:

  1. Chicken soup: if you have pieces of chicken steak it will be very easy for you to add vegetables, ginger and parsley to get a hearty soup, perfect for the cold season that has just come.

2. Boiled beans with chicken: combine white or black beans with the remaining chicken steak and you will get a mix of fiber and protein that gives you a lot of energy, no matter how many problems you have to solve.

3. Chicken salad: the remaining chicken can be mixed with lettuce, tomatoes, boiled eggs, pieces of avocado, bell pepper, onion, bacon and cheese. As a sauce, make a dressing of lemon juice, lemon peel, coriander, mayonnaise, salt, pepper and cream.

4. Chicken sandwiches: The remaining steak is combined with slices of wholemeal bread, Dijon mustard, lettuce leaves, tomato slices and a little olive oil to get a delicious sandwich.

5. Chicken rice: a few pieces of chicken added to the rice are the perfect combination. In addition to the delicious taste, you also get a hearty meal that will help you keep your appetite under control for several hours.

6. Pies with chicken: Chicken meat goes well with fillings and gives a special taste to pies. You can mix onions, cabbage, roasted peppers and chicken or white bean puree, chicken steak, zucchini, celery and olives. If you want a taste specific to Asian cuisine, you can brown the chicken in sesame oil before using it.

7. Chicken pizza: chicken pieces can successfully replace salami. You can get a healthier pizza with a top of wholemeal flour and a topping of black olives, bell peppers, onions, green garlic, oregano, diced turkey steak and baked tomato paste.

8. Chicken pasta: diced chicken pieces are the ideal ingredient to prepare pasta quickly. Combine meat and pasta with a sauce prepared by you, from tomato broth, grated goat cheese, oregano, marjoram and extra virgin olive oil.

Chicken breast cooking recipes

Chicken breast with potatoes & icircn mustard sauce with honey


  • 1 casserole chicken breast
  • 6-7 white potatoes
  • spices (oregano / thyme / rosemary, garlic)
  • 2 sachets of spices for chicken
  • olive oil
  • S.O.S:
  • 1/2 tube mustard with honey & icircn composition
  • juice from 2 lemons
  • 200 ml olive oil (I put on the eyes)
  • 1 tablespoon half of honey

Method of preparation:

  1. Cut the potatoes into cubes, mix them with 1 sachet of chicken spices and place them in a tray, then start with the sauce.
  2. The second sachet of spices & icircl mix with a little olive oil and grease the chicken breast.
  3. In an container, put the mustard with lemon juice, olive oil and honey and mix with a blender. After the sauce is homogenous, pour half of the amount over the potatoes, mix, place the breast on top and pour the other half of the sauce on top.
  4. Put in the oven for about 60-70 minutes, depending on the oven used, after which the recipe is ready and good to serve.

M & acircncare chicken with sm & acircnt & acircnă

Of these recipes, we recommend one that is quick to prepare and can be served with a garnish of potatoes, rice or pasta, according to everyone's preference. Here is one of the best chicken recipes with sm & acircnt & acircnă.


  • 800 g boneless chicken (boneless thighs, breast)
  • 2 medium onions or 1 large one
  • 2-3 cloves of garlic
  • 2 tablespoons oil
  • 30 g of butter
  • salt and freshly ground black pepper
  • a little chopped greens (green parsley, dill)

Sm & acircnt & acircna sauce:

  • 350 - 400 g sm & acircnt & acircnă fat (with min 20% fat)
  • 1 teaspoon flour and flour (10 g)
  • 100 ml of cold milk
  • a little salt
  • plain rice or vegetables
  • polenta
  • simple pasta
  • natural potatoes with parsley
  • baked potatoes

Method of preparation:

  1. Cut the meat into cubes and add salt and pepper.
  2. Place it in a bowl and sprinkle with oil.
  3. Chop the onion and garlic.
  4. Heat the non-stick pan well and fry the meat, but without the lid.
  5. As you fry the meat, remove it and continue with the rest. The pieces should be glossy and slightly brown.
  6. Place the onion and garlic and a piece of butter over the browned chicken. Sprinkle a little pepper and a pinch of salt.
  7. Reduce the flame to medium to low and sauté the onion until it becomes glassy (2-3 minutes) and only then put the lid on the pan.
  8. Reduce the flame and cook the meat for another 10-12 minutes.
  1. Put 300 g of sm & acircnt & acircnă in a bowl.
  2. Put a teaspoon of flour with 100 ml of cold milk in a small bowl and rub well to form lumps.
  3. Then pour everything over the sm & acircnt & acircnă from the bowl and rub well with the aim p & acircnă it has thinned a bit.
  4. Then, when the pieces of meat are penetrated, place them smeared on them in a pan.
  5. Mix everything gently with a wooden spoon and wait for it to boil again. Leave the chicken pan with sm & acircnt & acircnă on the fire for 2-3 boils, until the flour is cooked.

5 foods that you have to buy in the organic version

When shopping, you need to choose your food so that it is healthy, but also to taste the food. In the case of the ones below, buying them in the organic version makes a big difference.

1. Chicken meat

You know how many negative things are said about chickens - that they are injected with hormones, that they have antibiotics, that they are even healthier than pigs. Well, what no one ever says is that chicken doesn't really taste like chicken anymore. Except for the organic one, grown in the yard and fed healthily.

And eggs are said to be full of hormones. But the differences are also seen visually. An organic egg will have a much yellower yolk and a much more intense aroma. It is enough to buy them once in the organic version and you will not return to the usual one, that's why we assure you.

Because the season for cooking goodies is coming, we recommend you to pay attention to what butter you buy. It is an ingredient used especially for its flavor, and an organic one will certainly make its presence felt, while a regular one will be just fat added to the recipe.

4. Olive oil

First of all, don't use it for cooking, but just to add flavor to the recipes. So invest in an organic one that really does that.

5. Olives

And in the case of olives, the organic version makes the difference. If you buy them from the supermarket, avoid canned ones.

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The same authentic taste regardless of the times

From rom & acircni, to rom & acircni. A family business and a 100% Romanian brand, an important player in the agri-food segment in Romania, LaProvincia is one of the most respected and local producers of poultry meat.

With a suitable number of farms, LaProvincia has all the certifications specific to modern retail, self-sustaining through its own agriculture necessary for farms.

We dedicate ourselves to the whole activity of the process and implicitly of the finished product because the authentic taste of Romanian chicken must reach each of us.

9 ways you can cook chicken in the oven

Few dishes create a feeling of comfort, a feeling of well-being and "home" as a baked chicken does. By the way, I remember seeing about two months ago a show on a television station dedicated to gastronomy in which several famous chefs were asked what "comfort food" means to them. Most gave answers that involved a recipe for baked chicken, with brown and crispy skin and juicy meat.

If I think about it better, it's a natural choice, I have a lot of very pleasant culinary memories myself, in which the well-fried chicken is a place of honor. One of them, probably the first, is when my grandmother made a whole chicken in the oven, well greased with flavored lard, wrapped in a brown paper bag. What juiciness, what flavors!

Chicken is also a place of honor in the culinary preferences of Romanians: it is cheap, it cooks quickly, the meat is quite weak and does not have a very pronounced taste, so children also like it. Be careful, however, what chickens you buy, because many breeders feed chickens with growth hormones and antibiotics, so their meat, although tender, does not bring anything good in the diet of people and especially children! According to the principle "I'm too poor to buy cheap things", choose chickens from breeders who guarantee that they do not feed them with all kinds of curses, even if they are more expensive, they really deserve that extra money.

I have made for you a selection of baked chicken recipes, you can see them below (click on any image that tempts you). There are recipes with cooked chicken, both whole and sliced ​​(thighs or breast, etc.), I hope to inspire you and bring you joy! I would be very happy if you would leave me a comment in which you will reveal to me how often the chicken takes place in your home menu.

Do you have high cholesterol? Here are 3 perfect recipes for you

If blood tests have shown that your LDL cholesterol level, known as "bad" cholesterol, is above normal, you need to change your eating habits. Increased LDL cholesterol levels predispose to heart disease, so you need to do something fast to reduce it.

Saturated fats and trans fats should be avoided to lower cholesterol. So, you should avoid butter, margarine, sausages, lard, palm oil, coconut oil, fatty meat, egg yolks, fatty dairy products, pastries and fast food products.

Feeding the chicks

During the breeding period, the feeding of broilers is done in three stages. The type of food differs from one stage to another, so you have to pay attention to the calendar and make menu changes when necessary.

As I said above, the best solution for chickens raised in the yard is to always have enough food and water to eat as they please. The only thing you can do to help fatten your chicks is to leave a light source in the shelter almost all the time, because the light stimulates the epiphyseal gland and encourages them to eat more.

In order to get the most accurate idea about the expenses you can expect, during life (around 6-8 weeks), broilers consume about 2-2.5 kilograms of food. This period is divided into the following stages, during which you must progressively reduce the amount of protein in the chicken feed:

  • The starting stage & # 8211 food is made up of 20-20.5% protein
  • The growth stage & # 8211 food is made up of 18-19% protein
  • The finishing step & # 8211 food is made up of 15-16% protein

For broilers, the food is made up of an overwhelming proportion of very finely ground cereal flour. If you want to get the best results in the shortest possible time, you can find feed and food for your puppies in Agri.Shop stores. If you want to prepare chicken food yourself, focus on bran and bran obtained from cereals mixed with concentrate, but make sure they are finely ground so that they can be eaten by chickens in the first weeks of life.

Chicken bean recipe with pod beans.

For this recipe, I had yellow pods in the freezer, fidelity. And the chicken being a poultry, raised naturally, gave a special taste to the food.

I also added some finely chopped root vegetables to give consistency to the food. Grandma thickened the food with a little flour, but we kind of ruled it out. Finely chop the vegetables so that they become more of a paste and solve the problem of the consistency of the dishes. Basically we prepare a thick vegetable sauce with tomato paste.

We preferred to cook the chicken to come out tender. Chicken is not compared to commercial chicken, which is cooked quickly regardless of whether it is boiled or pan-fried.

Regardless of the method chosen to prepare this food, it turns out very tasty. If you haven't tried the combination of chicken and bean pods, I recommend it with confidence!

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