Sarmale in sauerkraut

To start, clean and finely chop the onion, clean the carrot and grate it, put a pan on the fire with oil and heat it very well, cook the onion, add the carrot and then the mixture of minced meat, tomato juice (or if you can't put 2 tablespoons of broth), add the rice, flour, mix well and season to taste. Leave it on the right heat for a few minutes after which a handful is added. you can also use a whole cabbage or vine leaves.

Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. stuffing. In a tin of aluminum (or a large pot) form a layer of cabbage (a few leaves and stalks) place the sarmales one by one add water, put slices of tomatoes and pieces of smoked ham on top, simmer for 2 hours even longer. Leave to cool and serve with sour cream.

Good appetite!