Delicious with mascarpone, pears and caramel

Peel the pears and cut them in half, then each half into thin slices. Put them in a pan with cinnamon, cloves, sliced ​​lemon, Amaretto liqueur and a little water and leave them on the fire until they soften, but without crushing. If necessary, add more water. Leave to cool completely.

For the cream, soak the gelatin in water, drain it, then homogenize it with whipped cream, which I heated a little on the fire before. Leave to cool. Mix margarine with sugar, then add the mixture of whipped cream and gelatin. Homogenize and add mascarpone cheese, mixing until it becomes a glossy cream.

For the countertop, chop the biscuits and mix them with margarine and almond essence. We put on the bottom of the form a circle made of baking paper over which we turn over 3/4 of the biscuit composition and press with our hand to be as uniform as possible.

Add the cream, and over the cream the rest of the biscuit composition, but this time without pressing, but just press as if they were crumbs.

We also add the slices of pear, without lemon and cloves, which we distribute at will.

For caramel, put the sugar in a saucepan and let it caramelize taking care not to burn. Dissolve the coffee in a tablespoon of water and pour it together with the whipped cream over the caramel, carefully, the caramel being very hot and mix well. Remove from the heat and add the liqueur and margarine, mix well.

Delicious with mascarpone, pears and caramel - Recipes

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Fruit Pizza Recipes: The perfect excuse to eat pizza at any time of the day

Think outside the pizza box and beyond the usual tomato, cheese and hot pepper sauce. These fruit pizza recipes change the traditional slice, substituting your favorite berries and fruit slices instead of tasty toppings and changing the cream cheese for pizza sauce. Mix and match these toppings with little recipes and you can eat fruit pizza at every meal of the day.

This classic fruit pizza starts with a fan-favorite sugar cake crust, then gets a delicious spread of cream cheese, amaretto and brown sugar. We used a mixture of peaches, berries, grapes and kiwis to play this pizza recipe, but you can customize it with your favorites.

Don't limit your fruit pizzas to desserts and snacks only. They can also be a great way to start your day! Spread the cream cheese and a gooey berry currant on a round of toast, and breakfast is ready to prepare, in the form of fruit pizza.

Watermelon, cantaloupe and honey melon may not be the usual fruit pizza countertops, but a quick grill makes them ideal for grilled mashed potatoes. Spread a mixture of ricotta cheese and honey and add a few strips of prosciutto for a sweet and savory treat that will make you rethink the classic fruit pizza.

This pizza doubles on the fruit with a fruit topping - and even more fruit hiding under the layers of berries and grapes! A smear of homemade banana ice cream over a crispy rice crust gives this recipe a double dose of fruity flavor.

Did you hear that? This dessert pizza with berries bears your name! A quick doll with ice cream on a freshly baked sugar cake, plus some favorite berries, makes these mini pizzas completely irresistible.

Do you want a fruit pizza full of heart enough for dinner? This pesto, peach and chicken are for you! Grilled chicken adds a strong handful of protein, while plenty of fresh peach slices keep every summer bite and fruit.

Why serve a circular pizza when you can create this amazing rainbow of pizza with fresh fruit? Form the dough of sugar biscuits into a rainbow before baking, then arrange your favorite rainbow-colored fruits in rows to ward off hunger pangs.

These mini fruit pizzas are really made up. Cut the tortillas into any shape you want, then add with cream cheese or yogurt and your favorite fruits and berries. You will be bitten into a super cute fruit pizza snack in no time!

Bacon lovers will solve it with this fruit pizza recipe. A sprinkling of candied bacon bites, slices of fresh pear and feta cheese crumble make every slice of this united fruit pizza a sweet and savory delight.

Forget the other fruits: this pizza is about apples. A mascarpone cream topping, candied apple slices and a drop of caramel on top make this fruit pizza perfect for a caramel style dessert.

Cake with figs and caramel

I haven't been to Italy for a long time. There I tasted the best figs so far. They were freshly picked figs from the tree, natural, untreated, unpainted. They tasted sweet, fragrant & # 8230divin! Unfortunately in our supermarkets we did not find such good figs but they were good enough to taste and use in a cake. A very delicious cake, a cake with figs and caramel. Sweet, creamy and decadent.

1/2 teaspoon baking powder

Caramelized figs

Cheese mousse

50 gr caramelized figs

5 gr gelatin + 2 tablespoons water

300 ml whipped cream

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

For the countertop it is very simple. Put all the ingredients in the robot and mix for 2-3 minutes until smooth.

We prepare a small tray 16cm in diameter. We cover it with baking paper on the bottom and we grease the sides well with butter then we sprinkle flour. Put the top composition in the pan and level. Bake the top for 25-30 minutes until it passes the toothpick test. We shock it on a grill to cool it.

Caramelized figs. Put the sugar and water in a pot with a thick bottom. Let it boil until it turns into caramel. At that moment we add the diced figs. Let it boil for 2-3 minutes until the caramel is soft and the figs are well covered.

Foam. We hydrate the gelatin in cold water. Heat the cream cheese slightly then add gelatin and mix well. Add the vanilla extract.

Cream the whipped cream well with the vanilla sugar until you get a whipped cream. Incorporate the cream into the cream cheese with movements from bottom to top.

We put the top back in the tray in which we baked it. If it is too bulging we can cut the lid. Put 3/4 of the amount of caramelized figs on top. Top with half of the cheese mousse and then the remaining figs. Cover with the rest of the mousse and let it cool until the next day.

Brownie with Mascarpone and Caramel

Melt the chocolate together with the butter. Let cool. Mix eggs with sugar until it doubles in volume. Add the melted chocolate over the eggs and mix well. Add the flour, mixing well. We put the composition in the tray (35/35 cm) in which we put baking paper and put it in the hot oven for 25-30 minutes. We do the test with the toothpick to check if it is baked. Let the cake cool in the pan.

Melt the 50 g chocolate with 50 ml liquid cream and the caramels with the rest of the liquid cream. Distribute the melted caramel and chocolate over the cold cake. Let it cool.

Mix the butter with the powdered sugar, then gradually add the mascarpone, mixing lightly with a spoon. I added a box of mascarpone over the butter rubbed with sugar and the cream was cut, but I managed to make it again by gently mixing with a spoon and draining all the liquid. After that I added a tablespoon of the second box of mascarpone, stirring lightly and the cream was ok.

I put the cream over the cake and garnished it with chopped snickers. Delicious. he was furious.

Pear tart and caramel cream

No more American cakes criticized by everyone for having too thick countertops. Let's go back to the much more elegant and delicate French pastry.

This entremet style tart consists of a tart dough with almonds, pear jelly boiled in white wine, a caramel cream with mascarpone and a icing with caramel.

For a tart with a diameter of 23 cm we need:

For tart dough (Pate sucrée):

  • 125g soft butter
  • 210g flour
  • 85g old powder
  • 25g almond flour
  • an egg (smaller)
  • a pinch of salt
  • seeds from a vanilla pod (we do not throw the pod)
  • 4 large pears
  • 200ml white wine
  • 200ml water
  • 125g old cough
  • juice of half a lemon
  • half anise star
  • vanilla pod from which I used the seeds for the dough
  • a quarter of a cinnamon stick
  • 5g gelatin (3 sheets)

For caramel cream with mascarpone (after Christophe Adam):

  • 135g old cough
  • 160g whipped cream
  • 4g gelatin (2.5 sheets)
  • a pinch of salt
  • 80g butter (82% fat)
  • 250g mascarpone

For caramel glaze (after Christophe Adam)

  • 100g old cough
  • 30g glucose syrup
  • 35ml water
  • 200ml whipped cream
  • a pinch of salt
  • 2.5g gelatin
  • 25g milk chocolate

How I did:

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For it took, I put all the ingredients on the counter and kneaded by hand until I obtained a homogeneous dough. It doesn't take much work to keep the butter from heating up. I formed a ball, wrapped it in plastic wrap and left it in the fridge for two hours (minimum two hours).

I heated the oven to medium heat (180ºC) and greased with a detachable cake tin with a diameter of 23cm.

I spread the dough with the rolling pin in a round sheet. I put the tray in the middle and cut a circle 5 cm bigger on the outside than the tray. I took the sheet on the rolling pin and transferred it to the tray greased with butter. I straightened the edges and cut them to a height of 3.5 cm. I stabbed the sheet from place to place with a fork, I put a baking paper over it and, over the paper, a smaller round tray (you can use beans, apricot kernels, special balls, etc.). I baked for 20 minutes, then I took the tray out of the oven, I removed the small tray and the baking paper and I baked for another 5 minutes. I let the tart shell cool completely.

I did pear jelly. I boiled wine, water, sugar, lemon juice, vanilla pods, star anise and cinnamon. In the meantime, I peeled the pears, cut them in half and took out the seed box. When the syrup started to boil, I added the pears and boiled them for ten minutes. My pears were quite soft and didn't need to boil anymore. If you have stronger pears, boil them until the fork enters them easily (20 minutes).

I then took the pears out of the syrup and let them cool. I hydrated the gelatin in cold water to cover it well. When it hydrated, I drained the excess water, melted it on steam and mixed it with 250 ml of warm syrup. I let the jelly cool to room temperature.

I cut the pears into pieces and put them in the shell of the baked and cooled tart. I poured the jelly over the pears and put the tart in the fridge to set.

For caramel cream with mascarpone, I hydrated the gelatin in enough cold water to cover it well. In a saucepan, heat the whipped cream together with the salt.

In a taller pan (I used a 1 liter one) I put the sugar to caramelize. When everything melted and turned brown, I pulled the pot off the heat and poured hot cream over it. In this phase it starts to bubble very loudly and rises a lot in the pan. That's why a taller vessel is needed. I put it on the fire again and mixed it with a wooden spoon to melt all the caramel, then I took it off the heat, I added the butter pieces and I homogenized the cream with the vertical mixer. Then I melted the gelatin (drained by the excess water) on the steam and added it to the cream. I let it cool to room temperature.

I put the mascarpone (at room temperature) in a bowl and mixed it with the cooled cream. First I put a tablespoon (three times) of cream over the mascarpone and mixed with a spatula, then I put the rest of the cream and mixed. I put this cream in a cake ring fixed at a diameter of 19 cm, lined on the inside with a thicker foil and I froze it for about 3 hours.

For glaze, I hydrated the gelatin in cold enough water to cover it well. I heated the cream together with the salt and chopped the chocolate.

In a higher saucepan (for the same reasons as above) I put water, sugar and glucose syrup and boiled them over medium heat (without mixing) until the sugar caramelized and turned brown. I pulled the pan off the heat and added the hot cream. Attention, in this phase it mumbles very loudly and rises in the pan! I mixed with a wooden spoon and continued to boil until it reached 105ºC (it took me about 3 minutes). Then I poured it over the chopped chocolate. I let it cool for 10 minutes, then I mixed it with gelatin (drained by the excess water) melted on steam. I mixed with the vertical mixer and let it cool to 35-37ºC (finger temperature).

I took the cream out of the freezer, I took out the ring and the foil, I put it on a grill above a bowl (instead of the grill you can use a pot placed upside down) and I poured the icing over it starting from the middle, letting it flow so that it also covers the edges. I let it thicken the icing a little for ten minutes, then I transferred it to the pear tart in the middle of it.

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